Cormier: Don’t Call Me ‘Big Guy’ Ever Again!

Filed under: In The News — @ August 30, 2007

Brian Cormier has grown tired of the subtle fat man niceties

Have you noticed that it’s against the law to make fun of just about every group of people in the United States these days–EXCEPT FOR THE OBESE?! When it comes to people carrying around a few more extra pounds than they need, all too often people are more than willing to offer “advice” (unsolicited, mind you!) and “suggestions” (which are usually so far off base we won’t even go there!) about how to deal with the, um, er, you know.

Leave it to a friend and fan of this blog named Brian Cormier to address this issue directly in his humorous and quirky “Hump Day” weekly feature story in the Moncton, New Brunswick Canada-based Moncton Times & Transcript yesterday. The column is entitled “Those who are ‘fluffy’ don’t need reminding” and should be a real eye-opener to those who engage in such discriminatory behavior towards fat people. It kinda reminded me of this heavy, but revealing thoughts straight from an obese woman.

Although he is currently working on his weight by implementing the principles of livin’ la vida low-carb into his lifestyle, Brian shares about the pain he has felt over his many years of being “fluffy” (as he calls it)–a light-sounding euphemism for being fat. The humiliation he shares in this column is a painful reminder of some bygone days in my own life.

The public ridicule and scorn that comes from being obese can make you numb to it. I don’t know what purpose people have when they hurl such insults towards those who are 100+ pounds overweight other than to make themselves feel superior in some sick and perverted way. I’ve never been able to fully grasp this in all my years of observing it.

Click here to read more of my thoughts about what Brian Cormier writes about regarding the way obese people are treated, including a personal story about how an insulting comment by a kid helped precipitate me to go on the Atkins diet.


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