The Contestants And More From ‘The Biggest Loser’ 4

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Here are “The Biggest Loser” contestants for Season 4 in 2007!

If you are as much of a fan of the hit NBC weight loss reality show “The Biggest Loser” as I am, then you are no doubt excited about the return of the brand new season ready to hit on Tuesday nights this Fall!

As I’ve previously blogged about, Season Four has several pleasant surprises in store, including the debut of new host Alison Sweeney, the return of trainer Jillian Michaels after a one-year absence (who will be training an all-new Black team of contestants while Bob Harper and Kim Lyons train the Blue and Red teams respectively), and 18 absolutely incredible new contestants who will seek to become the next “Biggest Loser” champion. WOO HOO!

Before I introduce you to the Season Four “Biggest Loser” contestants, first I want to let you know NBC took my suggestion and will be featuring a special one-hour update on the past contestants on Tuesday, September 4, 2007 as a prelude to the new season called “The Biggest Loser: Did They Keep The Weight Off?”

Be sure to tune in to see how YOUR favorite past contestants are doing to KEEP the weight off they lost on the show. One of the contestants who will be featured has already agreed to an interview at my blog, so stay tuned for that coming soon! :)

Wouldn’t you like to know how those Season One, Season Two, and Season Three contestants are doing NOW that they’ve been off the show a while? I sure do because I KNOW how hard it is to be in weight maintenance mode after losing a large amount of weight. If they are still imploring the secret behind “The Biggest Loser” success, then there’s no doubt the weight is staying off!

Okay, enough about the past, let’s meet the present contestants in 2007. Watch an inspiring video and get a picture and brief profile of each of the 18 contestants on Season Four of “The Biggest Loser” by clicking here.


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