‘Skinny’ Gene Holds The Key To Controlling Obesity, Diabetes…Riiiiight!

Filed under: Study — @ September 6, 2007

Dr. Jonathan Graff says “skinny gene” needs to be turned on in obese

The head of the British Medical Association caught a lot of flack last month for suggesting overweight and obese people should stop looking for another pill to pop to do something about their weight problem. But his concerns have fallen on deaf ears from every obesity researcher in the world still trying to find the next great anti-obesity drug!

A new study published in the scientific journal Cell Metabolism on Wednesday about a gene researchers have found in the body that allegedly makes you skinny and reverses high blood sugar and insulin levels in the body is making waves. They are working feverishly on developing a prescription medication to stimulate this gene.

Lead researcher Dr. Jonathan Graff, associate professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and his fellow researchers observed the adipose (Adp) gene in obese mice, fruit flies, and worms over a 5-year period and found that less stimulation of this gene existed which led to fat formation and insulin resistance leading to Type 2 diabetes.

At the same time, when more stimulation of the Adp gene was present in the mice, flies, and worms, they were thinner and healthier.

Work is already underway to create a drug to stimulate this gene, but why? You know, I see a regular trend happening here. Researchers find something in a study related to being fat, they justify continuing their research by claiming it can be turned into a drug for treating obesity, and then they keep pursuing it so the financial underwriting will continue. Is there no end to this hysteria?

Click here to learn more about this study on the Adp gene and why yet again I think it is misleading people into thinking there is another answer to their obesity problem other than personal lifestyle changes.


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