Watermelon Altered To Cut The Sugar Content In Half

Filed under: In The News — @ September 14, 2007

These watermelons may look normal, but they have about half the sugar

Leave it to modern-day technology in research labs to come up with some creative ways to make the foods we eat even healthier. We saw an attempt earlier this year at this concept when scientists figured out a way to produce natural low-fat milk straight from the cow (although that wasn’t very healthy, IMHO!). But now there’s something low-carbers and diabetics alike should cheer: a low-sugar watermelon (my low-carb blogging friend Robin from “Limenade And Watermelon” will be thrilled)!

Yep, have you heard about this yet? Researchers have come up with the perfect replacement for this higher-sugar member of the melon family. You’ll recall I addressed this in Episode 2 of my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb on YouTube” video when my wife asked if watermelon was appropriate for someone on low-carb.

While it’s not too terribly high in carbs, watermelon is a little higher than you would prefer for those in the early stages of the Atkins low-carb diet where you restrict your intake to around 20g daily. At about 11g net carbs for a cup of watermelon, that usually makes this fruit off limits for people trying to lose weight the low-carb way.

But now a research geneticist named Angela R. Davis from the USDA’s Lane, Oklahoma-based Agricultural Research Service gives hope that this plump, juicy summertime favorite can be back on the menu again for those of us leading a lower-sugar, low-carb lifestyle!

Click here to find out more about this new low-sugar watermelon, how it tastes compared to traditional watermelon, and when we can expect to see this available for purchase.


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