Aspartame Declared ‘Safe’ By Experts, But Is It Really?

Filed under: Study — @ September 17, 2007

Aspartame targeted for bogus study funded by parent company in Japan

Imagine for a moment that you read a news headline that proclaimed, “Study Concludes Eating French Fries Does Not Cause Obesity.” Would that get your attention? Sure it would, until you kept reading and discovered that the company who paid for that study to be conducted was none other than McDonald’s!

Now how credible is that headline?

As off-the-wall as that example may sound, that is PRECISELY what has happened with a study on a rather controversial subject. The results of a study conducted by a panel of “experts” who declared the artificial sweetener aspartame is 100% absolutely safe for human consumption is under a cloud of suspicion among pundits because the research was bought and paid for by the Japanese manufacturer of aspartame–Ajinomoto Company Inc.!

Just how credible is a study like this one? Read more about this study and whether it can be trusted as reliable by clicking here.


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