Eating A High-Carb Diet Can Lead To A ‘Fatty Liver,’ New Research Finds

Filed under: Study — @ September 30, 2007

Dr. David Ludwig warns of health dangers from consuming starchy carbs

I just love it when the research finally catches up to what we already know regarding the negative impact of carbohydrates on our health. Whether we are talking about brain diseases, diabetes, age-related macular degeneration, and even cancer, the body of evidence is growing and growing and growing. If it isn’t already obvious by now, then someday soon it will be impossible to ignore the “weight of the evidence” as my fellow low-carb blogger Regina Wilshire would say.

Case in point is this blog post I wrote in April 2007 about a condition known as a “fatty liver” getting worse on a high-carb, low-fat diet. I cited several research studies in response to one of my readers who was worried her low-carb diet was going to cause this condition to get worse. I assured her it was the carbs, not the fat that makes this happen from the elevated insulin levels.

And, sure enough, the latest research from Dr. David Ludwig proves that exact thing! Read all about it and what he says are the future implications of the “fatty liver” problem if it is not addressed with a low-carb nutritional approach by clicking here.


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