Kimkins Controversy On TV, Kimmer Still Denies Being Heidi Diaz

Filed under: In The News — @ October 4, 2007

A full TV investigation of Kimkins conducted by KTLA in Los Angeles

A year and a half after a woman using the name “Kimmer” from the ultra-low-fat/low-calorie Kimkins diet started her own web site after allegedly losing 198 pounds in 11 months has now been outed by a major local television station who began an explosive new investigative series about her and her scam on Tuesday.

Kimmer, whose real name is Heidi Diaz, was featured on KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, California on Tuesday night (October 2, 2007) in an exclusive video segment (read a full transcript here) on the controversial diet plan that has been documented to be causing some major health problems for those who were among its most ardent followers. KTLA promises to follow up on the health issues suffered by people like Woman’s World cover girl Christin in a follow-up story as well as reporting on the forthcoming class action lawsuit against Diaz by angry ex-members who have been refused a refund of their “lifetime membership” fee. If you have not seen these reports, then GO WATCH THE VIDEO NOW!

You’ll recall I did a podcast interview with Kimmer/Heidi Diaz back in July. You can listen to Part 1, Part 2, and Parts 3-5 to hear her voice for yourself. It’s the same voice on the KTLA report saying, “I have no comment.” EXACT SAME VOICE! If anyone doubted those most recent photos of her were real (not the infamous red dress lady who turns out to be a Russian model) then this news story should settle it once and for all. Listen to my podcasts with her and then watch the KTLA video again to hear her speak and it’s undeniably her.

But my curiosity was piqued even further on Wednesday afternoon when I decided to give Kimmer/Heidi Diaz a call for myself. It’s the same number she gave me to call her for the podcast interview we did, so I KNOW it was her number beyond any shadow of a doubt. I wanted to ask her why she is still claiming she lost nearly 200 pounds when the private investigator unveiled an entirely different story altogether. I also wanted to settle the question about her name being Heidi Diaz or not.

The resulting “conversation” I had with Heidi was one of the strangest exchanges I have ever participated in. It was so beyond surreal, I can hardly describe it for you. You’re just not gonna believe this really happened, but it is 100% true. get a full transcript of that call and find out how you can listen to the too-hilarious-to-miss audio of it by clicking here.


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