Sugar: The High Cost Many Pay So You Can Consume the Sweet Stuff

Filed under: In The News — @ October 7, 2007

Note from Connie: Thanks to a new documentary, “The Price of Sugar,” Americans will now have a chance to get the real scoop about their beloved, but destructive sweetener.

This film gives people a shocking, horrifying, inside look at the many hardships workers endure just so the sweet white powder makes it to our supermarket shelves. For a sneak preview, watch the trailer now. SUGAR SHOCK! Blog researcher/writer Jennifer tells us about this eye-opening film, which I’m hoping to catch very soon.

People already have a chance to learn about sugar’s many health dangers by reading Connie and Dr. Sinatra’s book, SUGAR SHOCK!

Now Americans need to learn the sour truth about sugar-growing and gathering, because if they did, I believe that they’d be a lot less likely to buy this sweetener.

Now, thanks to the new documentary “The Price of Sugar” — which has been reviewed by the New York Times and a number of other publications — people are discovering the harrowing conditions workers endure just to gather sugar cane.

Please read more about the plight of these workers and this important documentary.


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