Dr. Glenn Gaesser: Wanna Be Slim And Healthy? Eat Lots Of Carbs!

Filed under: In The News — @ October 10, 2007

Dr. Glenn Gaesser is peddling in place with his nutritional blather

The damning evidence against a high-carb, low-fat diet keeps getting worse and worse all the time as studies continually show that particular nutritional approach is a uniquely unhealthy way to eat to live. With all this preponderance of the evidence AGAINST consuming a high-carb, low-carb diet for the sake of your weight and health, then obviously there can’t be anyone in their right mind who would dare to RECOMMEND such a diet for people seeking to lose weight and improve their health, right?

Unfortunately, somebody forgot to tell that to University of Virginia professor Dr. Glenn Gaesser.

He claims there is nothing at all wrong with consuming sugar, white flour, processed and whole grains, and other high-glycemic (aka HIGH-CARB) foods as part of a healthy and fit lifestyle.

“There is no reason to be eating fewer carbs


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