‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’ Already Penetrating The Culture

Filed under: Publications — @ October 12, 2007

The word is certainly getting out about Gary Taubes’ instant classic

Oftentimes when the anticipation and expectations for something that is truly fantastic finally arrives, there is usually a huge letdown shortly thereafter. But that is most certainly not the case with the release of the much-awaited Gary Taubes book Good Calories, Bad Calories.

Although it has only been available for a little more than two weeks, the ripple effect from this book touting fat consumption and carbohydrate restriction has moved beyond the friendly confines of the low-carb community and right smack dab in the center of the mainstream health arena where it belongs. I’m very surprised to see such a welcoming embrace for a book with the counterintuitive message that this one clearly outlines.

From reviews and commentary at various influential blogs, newspapers, a major national radio show, and from some highly-respected health experts to a video response and even some vindictive comments from those who obviously haven’t read the book at Amazon as well as an accusation by a low-fat loving, anti-meat doctor that Taubes is just a “parrot” for what the low-carb community wants him to say, there’s no doubt at all that Good Calories, Bad Calories is influencing our culture. As it should!

Click here to find out about more about the latest with Gary Taubes’ new book!


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