Diet-Blog Finally Receives Some Much-Deserved Attention

Filed under: Publications — @ October 16, 2007

I have a lot of personal respect for Jim Foster’s work at Diet-Blog

If you have ever found yourself scouring the Internet for information about diet, weight loss, health, nutrition, and fitness, then undoubtedly you have come across a really neat web site called Diet-Blog. It is run by a man named Jim Foster and is an excellent resource for news and information about just about anything and everything related to this subject.

In fact, Diet-Blog is among an elite group of health and fitness blogs designated as the Best of the Web. These kudos are well-deserved and I have long admired the work that this average Joe puts into his web site. Like me, Jim is not a health professional, but is simply interested in helping people find what works for them and then encouraging them to do those things to stay healthy.

The prestigious and leading health blog has been getting recognition from a couple of his peers this month in two separate interviews appearing at Charles Stuart Platkin’s Diet Detective as well as Amy Tenderich’s Diabetes Mine.

Click here to see what Jim Foster has to say about the low-carb lifestyle (you’re gonna LOVE it!).


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