Vote For Low-Carb Practitioner Dr. Mary C. Vernon For Prestigious Distinction

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Dr. Mary C. Vernon is worthy of the title “Diabetes Educator Of 2007″

Of all the health issues we currently face in the world today, there is one that rises to the top of the list to rival even obesity as an out-of-control epidemic. That would be the mostly preventable but now all-too-common occurrence of Type 2 diabetes. It is estimated that there are currently 73 million Americans who are either diabetic or pre-diabetic with healthcare costs associated with this disease adding up to $132 BILLION in 2002 alone.

The prognosis is grim, but the good news is there are people who are standing up to be counted and they’re not giving up without a fight. While organizations like the American Diabetes Association (ADA) are giving diabetics a free license to consume foods that will knowingly impact their blood sugar levels negatively as long as they obediently “take their medicine,” it’s good to know there are REAL leaders who understand the need for some sanity in a world that’s looking more and more insane each and every day.

One such leader in the diabetic world exists–DR. MARY C. VERNON.

Dr. Vernon is an unsung hero in my book. She is a board certified bariatric physician with a private practice located in Lawrence, Kansas. In 2004, she collaborated with Jacqueline Eberstein on the bestselling Atkins Diabetes Revolution book from Harper-Collins. Her current leadership position as the President of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) has earned her the respect and admiration of her peers, including a nod as Bariatric Physician of the Year in 2005.

Dr. Vernon is the real deal. She doesn’t just talk a good game (although she is quite articulate about how low-carb living can help improve obesity and diabetes), but she sees results in the thousands of patients who come through her Kansas clinic. If anyone deserves recognition and the honorable distinction of “Diabetes Educator Of The Year,” then I can think of no one better suited for that title than Dr. Mary C. Vernon.

That’s why I hereby nominate her for that prestigious distinction among her peers and I want to encourage the faithful readers of CarbWire and members of the health and diabetes community to join me in voting for Dr. Vernon for this honor. The winner will be featured in an upcoming feature story for Diabetes Health magazine which is read by many of the ADA-indoctrinated. Let’s show them there is a better way by highlighting the success that Dr. Vernon is having with low-carb.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Mary C. Vernon’s work on the low-carb solution to diabetes and to add your voice to the support for this remarkable pioneer in carbohydrate restriction for treating obesity and diabetes.


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