My Interview With ‘Half Of Me’ Blogger Jennette Fulda

Filed under: South Beach Diet — @ October 22, 2007

South Beach Diet - Start Losing Weight Today
Jennette Fulda went on South Beach, dropped a cool 200 pounds!

Something rather strange happens when you become a blogger. You kinda get so caught up in your own blog, working on your stuff, writing about this and that and everything else, and responding to your readers that you forget there’s a big universe full of people JUST LIKE YOU out there on the Internet doing the exact same thing in their own little world. The bad part of becoming so self-absorbed in what you are doing is that you miss out on some rather extraordinary people who have achieved some rather amazing accomplishments.

Take blogger Jennette Fulda from the “Half Of Me” blog, for example.

I discovered this superb blog a few months ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! THIS is a blogger who has poured out her life story sharing with the entire planet about her stunning weight loss success journey from over 370 pounds down to her current weight of 180 and falling.

Since I too lost nearly 200 pounds on a low-carb diet, I thought it would be interesting to interview Jennette about her South Beach Diet weight loss success story that is still in progress. And it will always be in progress for those of us who have chosen this journey to travel down for the sake of our weight and health. But it’s a choice that both Jennette and I happily take!

Right now you can hear directly from the woman herself as she answers all the questions I had for her about her remarkable journey from almost 400 pounds into that adorable, cutie pie of woman she is today. Read about Jennette Fulda’s remarkable and inspiring 200-pound low-carb weight loss success story by clicking here.


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