Liberty Curves Welcomes Low-Carb Weight Loss Success To Speak

Filed under: Events — @ October 28, 2007

Liberty, SC Curves owner Gena Gibson invited me to speak to her ladies

One of my favorite things to do ever since I lost over 180 pounds three years ago on the Atkins diet is go around to various venues talking about my low-carb weight loss success. I enjoy blogging, podcasting, and YouTubing my experiences on this amazing lifestyle change gift I have been given. But there’s just something about standing in front of a group of people to intimately and passionately share what has happened to you.

On Saturday I had an opportunity to do just that in a town called Liberty, South Carolina at the local Curves there. If you have never heard of Curves, it is an international fitness phenomenon designed for the busy woman who wants to lose weight and get healthy. I have nothing but admiration for what this company is doing to help members of the female population feel comfortable working out and doing something about their health. My only regret is that they don’t have a Curves for men (and don’t tell me that’s what Gold’s Gym is for–EEEEEK!).

The ladies who were in attendance were quite attentive and enthusiastic with their questions about my weight loss success. The overall theme I shared with them was about how livin’ la vida low-carb or whatever their chosen diet plan is not about having some great willpower to shed the pounds. If we had such great willpower, then how in the world did we get fat to begin with? Instead, as I have blogged about previously, this lifestyle change is more about having a steadfast resolve to make better and smarter choices for your health first and foremost and the weight loss will come as a side effect of that. I kept coming back to this theme time and time again.

Click here to see more pictures from this event as well as some of the topics we discussed during my appearance at the Liberty, SC Curves.


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