A Weight Loss Stall Is Time To Celebrate, Not Mope

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We all experience them and they’re pretty much inevitable regardless of the weight loss plan you have chosen. It always amuses me when people try to avoid having them when they are as much a regular part of a successful weight management routine as anything. And yet these are directly responsible for why many people decide to just throw in the towel and give up on their pursuit of smaller sizes and healthier bodies.

I’m referring to the dreaded stalls.

Let’s face it people, stalls are the reality that most of us face when we attempt to lose weight. Accepting that fact up front will save you a lot of heartache and pain later on when it actually happens. And thankfully that’s exactly what I did prior to beginning the Atkins diet in January 2004. Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, was gonna stand in the way of my success this time–not even a stall!

In Episode 12 of “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube” today I talk about why a stall can be a GOOD thing (YEPPERS!) and the horrendous stall that I endured during my 180-pound weight loss in 2004. While I probably would have given up on my weight loss pursuit entirely in the past when this stall hit me, it was different this time since I was livin’ la vida low-carb. And persevering through that experience was my breakthrough and a major reason why I went on to become a long-term low-carb weight loss success!

See for yourself in our YouTube video today about stalls:

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Anyone who has gone through a stall and triumphed over it will tell you it is a major turning point in their weight management plan. I had lost 100 pounds prior to my BIG TIME stall, but then shed another 80 pounds after getting through it. The point is to just NEVER GIVE UP because you KNOW low-carb works! Leave your feedback for Episode 12 at YouTube and share what you did or do to get through your stalls.

A special CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who left a comment in Episode 11 of “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube” prior to November 8, 2007. Each of them won a FREE True Lemon gift package just for watching our video and leaving a comment. This surprise announcement was made during today’s video and could happen again at any time, so be sure to post your comments to our videos to be eligible to win some incredible prizes. This week you can enter my 100th podcast contest for a bunch of outstanding low-carb goodies. :D

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