Two Dana Carpender Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

Filed under: Low-carb Recipes — @ November 9, 2007

CarbSmart is the only sugar-free, low-carb chocolate chips on the market

Chocolate chips!!! Who doesn’t like these itty bitty morsels of delicious chocolate goodness especially heading into the holiday baking season? Well, if you’re livin’ la vida low-carb, it can be quite a challenge trying to keep the carbs down since you can’t find any good semi-sweet chocolate chips that don’t have sugar in them.

But what if I told you I found some sugar-free, low-carb chocolate chips that do not contain any nasty sugar alcohols and are PERFECT for diabetics? Would you be interested? Sure you would, which is why I’m proud to tell you about CarbSmart Sugar Free Chocolate Chips.

Each 8-ounce bag of these delicious chocolate chips gives you the EXCLUSIVE source for a product of this kind on the market today. Even better is the fact that there are absolutely ZERO sugar alcohols in these CarbSmart Sugar Free Chocolate Chips, including NO maltitol, NO lactitol, NO sugar alcohols at all. WOO HOO!

Wanna learn how to make not one, but TWO awesome chocolate chip cookie recipes from bestselling low-carb cookbook author Dana Carpender? CLICK HERE to find out all the details just in time for the holiday baking season!


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