Crohn’s Disease Has A New Treatment–A Low-Carb Diet!

Filed under: Study — @ November 14, 2007

New study by Dr. Richard Gearry shows new benefit for low-carb living

Although all you ever hear in most media accounts of low-carb diets, especially the Atkins diet, are negative and demeaning comments, the fact is this healthy dietary approach has been showing some truly remarkable health benefits in the research laboratory this year. We’ve seen that low-carb helps burn more body fat, is effective for treating teenage obesity, has been shown to be a reasonable alternative to a low-fat diet, beats out all other diets for weight loss and health success, and so much more!

Now we have another health benefit from livin’ la vida low-carb: improves inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), aka Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Although we saw widespread reporting about this study that alleges the Atkins diet increases the risk of bowel cancer earlier this year, the latest research from New Zealand shows low-carb living IMPROVES bowel health.

Lead researcher Dr. Richard Gearry, MBChB, PhD, a consultant gastroenterologist from the New Zealand-based Christchurch Hospital and a senior lecturer at Otago University’s Christchurch School of Medicine, and his researchers observed 100 patients with IBD over a six- to eight-week period and noticed that a low-carb diet helped ease the pain associated with this condition in over half of them.

Click here to find out why low-carb dieting works so well with people suffering from Crohn’s disease.


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