Our IVF Cycle Has Begun, Reader Objects To Bead Jewelry Fundraiser

Filed under: Events — @ December 1, 2007

All of THIS just to have an IVF baby? Yep, that’s right!

Since I last updated you on our decision to start the IVF/ICSI cycle to try to have a baby, the process is now well underway with tons of shots, doctor visits, tests, blood work, and one big fat loan to tell you about.

Special thanks to everyone who has responded to our “Beads Of Hope” fundraiser that will help us defray the costs of our medical expenses during this procedure. The total cost is going to come to about $18,000 for one cycle and thankfully we were approved for a Capital One fertility loan for most of that money. We’ll be paying it back over the next five years, so every little bit of money we can raise through these homemade beads Christine creates will help us pay for what could be the miracle we’ve been praying for regarding having a child.

Not everyone is happy about our “Beads Of Hope” campaign, though.

Click here to see why one reader objects to the use of my blog to raise money for our IVF cycle and to see what all Christine has had to go through over the past week with shots and doctor visits leading up to this week’s egg retrieval in this process.


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