Get Started On Those Low-Carb New Year’s Resolutions NOW!

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We’re just days away from millions making resolutions for 2008

It’s coming in just a few weeks, so you had better get prepared for it RIGHT NOW! What is it? New Year’s Resolutions, baby! That’s right, it’s the one time of the year when people feel like they have a clean slate, everything in the past is over and done with, and today is a new day to begin anew.

Of course, there’s nothing magical about January 1st because you can start whatever you want to do anytime you want to do it. You don’t need the calender to dictate when you should be going after something that you so desperately desire. And that includes weight loss and living a healthy life.

Sure, those of you who have read my book know all the dirty details about my own personal weight loss journey beginning on New Year’s Day in 2004 where I went on to lose 180 pounds in that year alone. While probably 99.9% of people who have good intentions about losing weight in the new year never stick with it long enough to be successful, I did and it is something that I believe ANYONE can do if they simply apply the same concepts that I did to shed the pounds nearly four years ago.

In Episode 16 of “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube,” Christine and I share with you 10 effective tips for how YOU can get started the right way on the healthy low-carb lifestyle. There’s nothing mysterious or mindboggling about any of these ideas, but perhaps hearing them from someone who’s been there before will be just the spark you need to DO IT this time.

You don’t have to wait for New Year’s to begin implementing the following:

Here are some links to blog posts and previous YouTube videos with some of the suggestions and advice we presented in Episode 16:

- You have to care and be committed to a lifestyle change
- Don’t try to do low-carb without reading the book
- Never underestimate the importance of the Induction phase
- Take good vitamin supplementation on your low-carb lifestyle
- Net carbs are easy to figure out, so don’t make it hard
- Lots of small meals better than three big ones
- Get all your facts about fat before thinking it’s unhealthy
- Weighing yourself daily can help you shed the pounds

Of course, nothing replaces the lessons you learn from the low-carb book you choose to follow. So don’t just use these suggestions in our video–do your own reading and research and find what works for you. Then implement it and make it happen like you’re life depended on it. And it very well may!

Share your own tips and ideas at Episode 16 on YouTube and let us all know what helped you get going in the early days of livin’ la vida low-carb. Any tricks or advice you have may help someone struggling to get started on this amazing way of eating! Or if you’re new to this way of eating, what are the questions and concerns you have about going on a low-carb diet?

Congratulations to Mertiebelle for being the BIG WINNER of the Cal-Carb Clicker from our contest in Episode 15. She left a comment and her name was chosen among the many that were left for that episode. THANKS for watching and participating in our video contests. Stay tuned because we’ll have LOTS MORE COMING SOON! :)

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