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Christine had two embryos implanted inside of her on Saturday

Since I last updated you on our IVF/ICSI process one week ago, so much has happened that was both unexpected and critical in this process that Christine and I have embarked upon to have a baby. THANK YOU to everyone who has been praying for us and supporting our efforts over these past few weeks as we’ve gone through this emotional and physical challenge. Knowing that so many people are thinking about us and rooting us on in this whirlwind journey has been very comforting.

Last week as she began taking the follicle stimulation shots, Christine’s ovaries got bigger and bigger as those follicles, which hold the eggs, grew as well. Virtually going to the doctor for a vaginal ultrasound every single day to make sure they were growing properly, it led to the big day of retrieval on Thursday morning.

The long shots began for Christine this week when she had the hCG shot with an intramuscular needle on Tuesday night preparing for the egg retrieval and then the Progesterone hormone shots began on Friday morning. We had a friend from our church who has experience giving shots administer the hCG shot and she did awesome. But then on my first attempt to duplicate that same motion, I made Christine jump through the roof! EEEEK!

I already cringe just at the sight of a needle, but it makes it worse when you know you’re causing pain to someone you love. Instead of trying to jab her, I decided the slow and steady approach would be best. And other than that initial pinch of the needle going in, Christine said it’s not so bad. The hormone has to be in an oil-based form which makes it that much more difficult to get it inside of her. And she’s got about two more weeks worth of this, too. I’m in such awe that she’s willing to put herself through this just to have our baby. WOW!

We were anxiously awaiting how many eggs Christine produced and were very pleased when our reproductive endocrinologist said we had eight eggs after her surgery on Thursday morning. Find out more about how many of those eggs fertilized and what our chances are of having a baby after the embryo transfer on Saturday by clicking here.


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