Ex-Kimkins Spokesperson Shares Her Side Of The Story

Filed under: Events — @ December 10, 2007

She has been the public face of the Kimkins diet scam over the past few months and even went on national television late last month to defend the indefensible–a diet fraud that we now see runs as deep as the lies told by its creator Heidi Diaz. But now Jeannie Battinger wants to tell her side of the story and answer the tough questions, so that’s what I’m allowing her to do today in my exclusive interview with the woman known as “Tippy Toes.”

Does she make a convincing argument for her actions and behavior since becoming the spokesperson for Kimkins? Does she sound contrite and sorrowful for the actions she caused others throughout this process? Is there anything she could possibly say at this point that would convince those she has hurt to even remotely put their trust in her again?

YOU will be the final arbiter who decides truth from fiction after reading her answers and drawing your own conclusions. She says some things that a lot of people will not be happy with while admitting there were mistakes made and errors in judgment she made as well. This is Jeannie Battinger raw and unedited sharing what’s on her heart right now just mere days after making the decision to sever ties with Kimkins and Heidi Diaz forever.

Her words now speak for themselves. Read what she has to say by clicking here.


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