Allena Rose Tapia’s Attempt At Being A ‘Moderate Vegetarian’ Falls Miserably Short

Filed under: In The News — @ December 14, 2007

Allena Rose Tapia claims to be a “moderate vegetarian,” but…

Looking at that picture of Allena Rose Tapia, she looks to be your average, everyday mom with a devoted husband, two kids, and a partridge in a pear tree. But this freelance writer from Lansing, Michigan describes herself as a “moderate vegetarian” which seems a bit odd if you stop and think about it. How many vegetarians do you know who are “moderate” about their diet?

After all, I’ve had my fair share of negative experiences dealing with some rather radical characters who claim to be vegetarians and vegans, including a group of them who tried to have my podcast show removed from the Internet because of this show I did on vegetarians, another one who questioned my support for the Atkins lifestyle, a truly whacked out vegetarian supporter who went off on so many tangents it was hard to keep up, those who regularly resurrect the debate over how Dr. Atkins died, the smugness from e-mails like this one, authors of the Skinny Bitch book calling people who go on the Atkins diet a “moron,” members of the group PETA wrapping themselves in cellophane and calling meat-eaters “cannibals”…NEED I GO ON? Just a wee bit cuckoo if you ask me.

So is Tapia bucking that trend and truly moderating her viewpoints about vegetarianism by remaining rational and accurate with what she writes? Well, if this mock interview with a carnivore she posted over at Diet Detective (where I too am a contributing writer) is any indication, the answer is a big fat NO!

Read her “Interview With a Carnivore” for yourself and then read my response as a REAL carnivore for the truth about why I’m not a vegetarian.


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