Naughton’s ‘Fat Head’ Calls Spurlock’s ‘Super Size Me’ A ‘Load Of Bologna’

Filed under: Celebrity — @ December 17, 2007

“Fat Head” movie obliterates the low-fat lie with humor-filled facts

I recently shared with you about two amazing new documentaries on the subject of diet and obesity that are coming out soon and today I have an interview with one of those filmmakers to talk about his movie designed to be a direct response to Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me. Tom Naughton was kind enough to send me a special advance release of his new movie Fat Head to review and I was blown away by how well done it was with all the professional quality of Spurlock’s documentary, but with the truth on his side.

Naughton says Morgan Spurlock fed us all “a load of bologna”

Currently, Naughton is seeking distribution for Fat Head and would like to expose it to as wide an audience as possible because of the potential lifechanging impact it could have on so many people who have never heard the facts he shares in this film. It’s an eye-opening experience to learn why fat isn’t so bad for you and carbohydrates are.

Watch this trailer for Fat Head posted at YouTube and then read my exclusive interview with the filmmaker Tom Naughton afterwards to find out more about this new movie and how you can help spread the word to others about it:

Click here to read my interview with the filmmaker behind the Fat Head documentary Tom Naughton.


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