Did Jimmy & Christine Moore’s IVF Cycle Work?

Filed under: Events — @ December 20, 2007

While most people have been building up anticipation for what’s gonna happen next Tuesday on Christmas Day for past couple of months, my wife Christine and I have had our sights set on a date a little sooner than that–December 20, 2007.

After dealing with the sensitive subject of infertility and all the questions that have come with that, we received lots of encouragement from my readers who helped us with our decision whether to choose to do an IVF cycle to try to get pregnant.

In the end, the choice was easy: we had to try at least ONE IVF cycle for peace of mind about this entire issue. Regardless of the outcome, at least we’ll never have the “what if?” questions haunting us in the back of our minds. Yes, it’s been an expensive journey to take which is why we began the “Beads Of Hope” fundraiser (which is still open for business to anyone interested in donating to our cause). And Christine’s amazing willingness to go through all the painful shots to stimulate her follicles on her ovaries and then the subsequent long needles I’ve been sticking up her hind side for the past two weeks has been awe-inspiring to say the least. The fact she did all that for us to have our baby was one of the greatest acts of love anyone has ever done for me.

When the embryo transfer took place just under two weeks ago, we had high hopes that those two little life forms that were placed inside of Christine would begin growing as a beautiful baby inside of her. Find out what happened by clicking here.


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