The Top Low-Carb Headlines Of 2007

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The great low-carb news roared on in 2007

The end of another year is upon us and there’s so much that happened in 2007 for people who support the healthy and effective low-carb lifestyle. I’m privileged to be on the front row witnessing a rebirth in the popularity of livin’ la vida low-carb and it is my belief that things will only get brighter and better in 2008.

When I blogged just one year ago that 2007 would be the “comeback year” for low-carb, little did I realize just how prophetic that statement of the revival of the controlled-carbohydrate nutritional approach would be. Despite the continued ignorance by much of the mainstream media and the so-called health “experts” who claim to know it all regarding diet, health, and nutrition, people are discovering there’s more to this low-carb thing than they ever realized before. This awakening to the truth will continue to take place as people take control and responsibility for their own health perhaps for the first time ever.

The two things that I’ll remember the most about 2007 happened just in the past few months–the release of Gary Taubes’ instant classic Good Calories, Bad Calories that got people talking about cutting carbohydrates for weight and health management again and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) embracing low-carb diets for diabetics in their new recommendations for doctors to use in 2008 that has now set the wheels in motion for other health organizations like the American Medical Association (AMA), American Heart Association (AHA), the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to follow suit. It’s gonna happen a whole lot sooner than later–just you wait and see!

You can’t really talk about the year that was 2007 without mentioning a few other notable events that took place to help shape and restore the positive image of low-carb living in our culture. Take a look back at the top low-carb headlines of the year by clicking here.


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