‘World’s Heaviest Man’ Manuel Uribe Losing Weight And Having Fun Along The Way

Filed under: In The News — @ January 2, 2008

Now that 2008 is here and everybody is thinking about weight loss and health, I thought I’d update you on a very heartwarming story about a man once dubbed as “The World’s Heaviest Man” who decided to start livin’ la vida low-carb about two years ago to shed the pounds and save his life. He is Manuel Uribe from Monterrey, Mexico and what an awe-inspiring story of dedication and determination to transform himself from a 1200-pound one-way ticket to an early grave into what he hopes will be a normal weight man within the next two years.

He’s lost a total of around 500 pounds so far and part of his routine besides his low-carb diet includes as much exercise as his morbidly obese body can handle right now. Here’s a YouTube video showing a little bit of what Manuel does:

Anyone who says they’re “too big” to exercise needs to watch what Manuel is doing. Sure, it looks like he’s just wiggling around in the bed, but those pull-ups, twists, turns, and spinning work will build muscle, burn calories, and help him reach his eventual goal. I’m proud of Manuel and he’s even willing to make fun of himself during this journey.

Click here to learn more about Manuel Uribe’s amazing journey and watch some hilarious video segments from the late night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!” to see what a good sport he is about this unforgettable experience he is going through.


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