No More South Beach Diet–It’s Now South Beach Living!

Filed under: South Beach Diet — @ January 15, 2008

I snapped a picture of the new South Beach packaging at Sam’s Club

One of the most common themes I talk about is how you can’t just go on a low-carb “diet,” but that you must make it your permanent and healthy lifestyle change. That’s why I use livin’ la vida low-carb instead of “low-carb diet” to describe this way of eating for me. It’s all about the “living” and the makers of the bestselling South Beach line of products are finally embracing this concept in their marketing.

A Kraft representative says they want to “broaden the appeal of the brand and fuel its growth” by implementing this name change from “South Beach Diet” to “South Beach Living”. Since more people are looking to eat healthy rather than losing weight (something I discussed in a recent podcast show), they wanted to put that message on the 70 South Beach products that line supermarket shelves. And “South Beach Living” fits the bill.

Click here to learn more about the significance of this name change and whether it will make any meaningful difference to healthy and weight-conscious consumers.


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