Low-Carb Well-Represented Among Finalists For ‘Diabetes Educator Of The Year’

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Two of the five finalists support livin’ la vida low-carb

Well, you did it and in a BIG way!

In October 2007, I shared with you an opportunity to nominate a strong advocate of the low-carb lifestyle to be named “Diabetes Educator of the Year” for 2007. Her name is Dr. Mary C. Vernon from Lawrence, Kansas and anyone who has met her will tell you just how incredibly passionate about this way of eating she is for both her overweight as well as her diabetic patients. Livin’ la vida low-carb is well-represented by the work Dr. Vernon is doing and I am pleased to tell you that she has been named among the five finalists for this prestigious award.

At the same time, another powerhouse low-carb proponent was also nominated for this award: Dr. Richard Bernstein. You gotta admire Dr. Bernstein for hanging tough in the midst of some rather vocal voices of dissent over the years, but now the tide seems to be turning in his direction. I’m proud of him for being named among the finalists for this award and congratulate him on being rightfully recognized as one of America’s best and brightest diabetes doctors.

Isn’t it amazing that 40 percent of the finalists for “Diabetes Educator of the Year” sponsored by American Diabetes Wholesale are unabashed supporters of the low-carbohydrate nutritional approach? Who would have ever guessed that would happen in a million years? But that’s EXACTLY what has happened and it should give us all hope that perhaps the message is finally breaking through and people are getting it now. It is interesting this is happening at the same time the American Diabetes Association (ADA) finally gives credence to low-carb diets for diabetics. Progress is happening, albeit ever-so-slowly, but it IS happening!

So, with two low-carbers among the top five finalists for “Diabetes Educator of the Year,” what is the low-carb community to do? If we are not unified behind one candidate, then the low-carb vote will be split and one of the other three finalists will win. Since we’d like to see a low-carb champion crowned with the title of “Diabetes Educator of the Year,” I would encourage everyone to rally behind Dr. Mary C. Vernon to win this award.

Taking nothing away from Dr. Bernstein, I think Dr. Vernon has established herself among the medical mainstream while still holding true to the low-carb philosophy when she was named the President of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) last year following her win as Bariatric Physician of the Year in 2005. She co-wrote a fantastic book explaining how the Atkins diet can help control Type 2 diabetes in Atkins Diabetes Revolution and her continued published research into this subject area reveals her genuineness about presenting factual data for informing her patients.

If you have never heard or been exposed to the work of Dr. Mary C. Vernon, then please read my blog interview with her and then listen to my my podcast interview to see for yourself why she is such a worthy candidate for this title. Also, be sure to check out her “Ask Dr. Vernon” blog where she directly addresses how low-carb living is positively changing lives for the better in the diabetics willing to give it a chance.

Let’s not forget that Dr. Vernon was featured in Men’s Health magazine in November 2006 for the work she is doing on behalf of thousands of diabetic patients. That media attention gave Dr. Vernon quite a platform for speaking out on television and in various other news mediums talking about livin’ la vida low-carb all year long. She is certainly a worthy recipient of the title “Diabetes Educator of the Year” for 2007.

To vote for Dr. Vernon, go to the finalists web site and click on “Cast Your Vote Here” at the bottom of the page. Then mark “Dr. Mary C. Vernon” and vote. The panel of judges includes a representative from the South Florida division of the American Diabetes Association, Dr. Kimberly Mistiszyn of the Rand Eye Institute, and Chris Maguire from the sponsor of this award American Diabetes Wholesale.

You only have until February 15, 2008 to cast your ballot, so DON’T DELAY and do this TODAY! The winner will be announced on March 1, 2008 and recognized in a special ceremony in Boca Raton, Florida. Let’s make sure that’s Dr. Vernon they’re applauding for her fabulous work with diabetes patients. THANK YOU for rallying behind her nomination and putting her over the top for this award.

We’ll let you know what happens! Please leave a comment below after you vote for Dr. Vernon so we can keep track of her support. It’s high time low-carb is given credence within the diabetic community and catapulting an ardent advocate like Dr. Mary C. Vernon to the heap for “Diabetes Educator of the Year” will certainly help.


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