It’s Not The ‘Fatty’ Diet That Damages Health, Connie!

Filed under: Study — @ January 27, 2008

Why does Connie Bennett agree with Dr. James O’Keefe about high-fat?

It’s not that often when I disagree with a fellow low-carb blogging friend who agrees with me that consuming sugar and excessive carbohydrates is bad for your weight and health. But when “SUGAR SHOCK!” blog author and fellow Carbwire contributing writer Connie Bennett wrote a post this week entitled “Just One High-Sugar, High-Fat Meal Can Damage Your Body, Study Stays,” I felt compelled to respond.

The report was actually written by Connie’s correspondent Jennifer Moore (no relation), but there was a brief “Note from Connie” at the beginning of the post that made me raise my eyebrows. Here’s what she wrote:

“If you think one fatty, culprit-carb-laden meal won’t do harm to you, think again.”

Say it ain’t so, Connie! I’ll agree that a “culprit-carb-laden meal” may cause harm, but what’s with the “fatty” part? Why even go there when you have seen all the studies in research for your SUGAR SHOCK! book showing a high-fat, low-carb diet is not only healthy, but beneficial in so many ways to the body. In fact, you should take a closer look at the book by Gary Taubes (who you interviewed recently) called Good Calories, Bad Calories to find out more of the science behind this.

Click here to read about the study and why I believe Connie is making a mistake blaming fat along with the carbs for causing damage to the body.


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