A Defining Moment In Your Diet Is When You Are Criticized

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Meet the lady that created the Jimmy Moore you know today

When looking back at the span of your life in hindsight, isn’t it funny how you can point to some very clear, defining moments that shaped you into the person you have become? For good or bad, there are most certainly events and occurrences that happen in our lives that have forever molded us into the people we are today–especially from our childhood. Today I am going to share one such story with you from my own life to illustrate a point as it relates to your quest for weight loss and getting healthy.

In Episode 109 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore” I bare my soul to you about an unforgettable encounter I had with my 8th grade advanced English teacher (no, that’s not really her at the top of this post, but it’s pretty darn close!) that forever changed my outlook on life and created this self-motivated monster of a man you know today. The challenge of proving to her that I was worthy of more than she was saying about me very likely gave me the drive to go on to be the success in weight loss and life that I enjoy in 2008. It was THE turning point in my life that quite literally made me into the man I was meant to be.

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When that old hag 8th grade English teacher outright told me that I’d “never be that good at English,” it lit a fire within me to prove to her just how wrong she was. But not everyone responds that way to adversity. Unfortunately, some people react to criticism by crawling into a shell and accepting it as fact. NOT ME! Maybe I just needed the right circumstance to pull that out of me and boy did it ever!

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Have you ever been told you’re not good enough to do something, including weight loss? How did you respond to your critics who say you CAN’T when you honestly believe you CAN? Do you let people like that get under your skin or do you suck it up and move forward with what you know is right for you anyway? Provide you feedback in the show notes section of Episode 109 and tell us YOUR opinion about all this. Are you an overcomer or do you let what other people say overcome you? I’m anxious to hear your thoughts!

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