LowCarbBurger.com Shows Hardee’s Still Cares About Low-Carb Living

Filed under: Restaurants — @ February 6, 2008

Hardee’s one of the few restaurants still catering to low-carbers

You can literally count on one hand the number of restaurants in America who care enough about people who are livin’ la vida low-carb to offer them their very own menu: Cracker Barrel, Captain D’s, and Hardee’s. That’s pretty much it!

Of course, you can always make your own “low-carb” meal regardless of where you dine out as I demonstrated in this recent blog post, but it’s kinda nice having a restaurant understand the needs of your diet and offering menu items that fit within that criteria. It makes me feel special as a customer and I’m more willing to spend my money at a place like that than one that forces me to try to come up with my own dishes. Am I the only one who feels this way?

With restaurants running away from the low-carb consumer like Ruby Tuesday and Subway, I think it’s very appropriate for us to reward those restaurants who show a commitment to our lifestyle change and not thumbing their noses up at us. We have needs just like all those people on a low-fat diet do. And yet virtually EVERY major restaurant chain has “low-fat” menu offerings. Where’s the equality with low-carb, hmmmm?

That’s why I was so happy to find this Hardee’s web site advertising their Low Carb Thickburger. If you are a diehard low-carb fan like me (and most of you who visit here are!), then you are gonna eat this site up! It’s got so much humor and facts about the healthy low-carb lifestyle, you’ll not believe it’s from a major fast food restaurant chain. And yet it is! Somebody in the corporate headquarters for Hardee’s has GOT to be a true blue low-carber and I wish I knew who it was!

Anyways, there’s a video on that site promoting the Low Carb Thickburger with a Goldilocks and the Three Bears spoof that I wanted to share with you here:

TOO FUNNY! Gotta love that devotion to low-carb living–NO PORRIDGE FOR ME because “I’m not going back to that lifestyle again!” HA! I do believe I’ll be grabbing me a Hardee’s Low Carb Thickburger real soon! How about YOU? :)


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