230-Pound Low-Carb Weight Loss Was Slow And Steady

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ February 13, 2008

Randy’s stunning 231-pound weight loss transformation

Nothing inspires someone to make a major change in their life like weight loss quite like seeing average, everyday people just like them accomplishing great success. It is why I like to feature low-carb weight loss success stories early and often because sometimes you need a little motivation and inspiration as you begin this journey for yourself.

Today I have another such story to share with you and this is quite an amazing one indeed! It’s about that guy at the top of this post named Randy. In late 2003, Randy weighed in at 410 pounds–the exact same weight that I was when I began my Atkins diet in January 2004. Randy started his low-carb lifestyle a couple months before I did and set out to lose the weight slow and steady.

Click here to read how Randy took the slow and steady low-carb approach to losing a pound a week for four years to shed over 230 pounds off his body forever!


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