Manuel Uribe: Man On A Low-Carb Mission Has Now Lost 500 Pounds!

Filed under: In The News — @ February 14, 2008

Manuel Uribe has now lost over 500 pounds since January 2006

If you were to hear that someone weighs 750 pounds, most likely you wouldn’t be cheering and applauding that person in regards to doing something about their health. But when your name is Manuel Uribe and you were once dubbed “The World’s Fattest Man” weighing in at a hefty 1257 pounds, you can’t help but smile at seeing the scale flash 7-5-0!

Yes, this former half-ton man has been working hard using a low-carb lifestyle and nominal exercise plan to shed the pounds and save his life. He even set up a web site for people to track his progress and to be inspired by his amazing story.

In March 2007, about one year after starting on the low-carb Zone Diet by Dr. Barry Sears, Manuel had already shed over 400 pounds off of his body and has been pursuing breaking another world record distinction by this time next year–the most weight loss ever! As I reported last month, he’s still at it and going strong in 2008 and has just passed another remarkable milestone–500 pounds lost!

Manuel has set for himself a goal weight of 265 pounds which seems a whole lot more plausible NOW than it did when he started this journey. He’s prepared to take four more years into the year 2012 to lose the remaining weight–about 125 pounds a year. It’s certainly not an unreasonable goal especially seeing how well the low-carb lifestyle is working for this man from Monterrey, Mexico who is getting a second chance at making a life for himself.

He’s 42 now and Manuel is even engaged to be married to a woman who is supporting his efforts to lose weight and get healthy. It’s a heartwarming story that you can’t help but feel good about because he is proving that quite literally ANYONE–even “The World’s Fattest Man!”–can make weight loss happen if they simply commit to a plan, follow that plan exactly and then keep doing that plan. For Manuel, the Zone Diet has him well on his way to enjoying a long and fulfilling life. Can you imagine the stories he’ll be telling his grandchildren some day if he sees this thing through to the end? WOW!

Manuel told AFP, “I feel great. The doctors say I’m healthier than ever.”

Indeed you are, Manuel, indeed you are! You’re the world’s healthiest 750-pounder ever! Keep at it buddy and don’t let anything deter you from making this a permanent lifestyle change that will keep you around for many years to come. We’re all cheering you on to the great success you deserve in weight loss and in life. GO GET ‘EM!!!


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