American-Made Pet Treats Used As Fundraiser For 4-H Club

Filed under: Events — @ March 6, 2008

Help some darling kids raise money for their 4-H Club

When Christine and I bought our first home in Spartanburg, South Carolina in January 2001, one of the most memorable and rewarding things we did almost immediately was go out and adopt a pet. Christine REALLY had her hopes set on a puppy dog, but I wanted a kitty cat. When we got to the animal shelter place to look at the animals, there was one little cat that stuck her paw out of the cage at Christine. She was hooked!

Seven years later we still have that kitten who has grown up to be a very big cat weighing in at around 17 pounds right now. Her name is Muffin. Here she is:

Since then, we’ve adopted SEVERAL more kittens to help brighten our lives over the years with endless hours of entertainment, cat-fighting, and overall feline stupidity (isn’t that redundant?! LOL!). Here are Ginger, Smokey, and Peaches (our little terror!):

We LOVE our animals and they are our babies since we’re not able to have any children of our own right now. It was really upsetting a couple of years ago when we had to put our 10-month old kitty Millie Jo down because she had feline leukemia. But we got Peaches in her stead and she has been a bundle of joy for the entire household since she arrived in 2006. Never a dull moment in the Moore household!

Why am I telling you about my cats today? Well, it just so happens that two very special kids in my life decided to join the 4-H Club this year and their group is selling dog, cat and horse treats to raise money.

Click here to find out more about this exciting fundraiser for the kids of a fellow low-carb blogger.


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