YouTube Being Taken Over By Enthusiastic Low-Carb Diet Supporters

Filed under: Publications — @ April 3, 2008

YouTube is being taken over by enthusiastic low-carbers–NIIIIIICCE!!!

When I first started blogging about the healthy low-carb lifestyle back in 2005, there weren’t very many “low-carb” blogs out there at the time. But today, you’d have to be blind to miss any of the literally HUNDREDS of new ones that have popped up in just the past couple of years. Check ‘em all out at my low-carb links blog.

Well, a similar trend is beginning to happen over at YouTube. My wife Christine and I started making videos in August 2007 after getting a new computer with a video camera on it and thus was born our show “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb On YouTube.” We’ve LOVED doing these videos over the past seven months, but it was kinda lonely out there sharing about low-carb living as the seemingly lone voice. In fact, that’s why we decided to start this series to begin with–there was an obvious void in quality, positive content about the healthy low-carb lifestyle.


Less than a year later, there are some absolutely incredible low-carb YouTube video bloggers out there providing their own take on this journey I call livin’ la vida low-carb. Click here to see 21 of the very best and brightest low-carb YouTubers out there making a real impact today.


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