Low-Carb Blogger Jimmy Moore Is The Doorman Opposite George Clooney In ‘Leatherheads’

Filed under: In The News — @ April 5, 2008

Hundreds of extras in “Leatherheads” gathered for the movie’s premier

Well, I made it!

After anxiously and excitedly waiting for over a year to see if my once-in-a-lifetime experience working on the set of the new Hollywood movie Leatherheads, starring George Clooney, Renee Zellweger, and John Krasinski which hit theaters nationwide on Friday, actually resulted in face time in the movie, I’m thrilled and honored to announce I’m IN the movie!!! WOO HOO!!! Sweeeeet! Can you tell I’m stoked?!

Christine and I couldn’t wait to visit our local movie theater here in Spartanburg, South Carolina just after noon for the first showing of Leatherheads to see if my scene as The Doorman opposite Clooney himself ended up in the final version. I was pretty confident that it would since this was the ONLY thing we worked on for an entire Sunday filming about 30-45 seconds worth of a scene. I was looking for it and within 15 minutes of watching the flick on the silver screen, there it was.

Click here to see the still shot photo of Carbwire’s very own Jimmy Moore as “The Doorman” opposite George Clooney in Leatherheads.


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