Hacker Reigns Down Personal Attack On Low-Carb Blogger Jimmy Moore

Filed under: In The News — @ April 9, 2008

Somebody out there must really be mad at me right now. I don’t know what I said or did to deserve any of the things that have happened to me this week, but whatever it is I apologize. Since Monday, I have been under a daily barrage of hacker attacks on my forum, PayPal account, and e-mail account from someone who no doubt is holding a grudge against me since they are doing their best to make my life a living Hell.

Here’s a brief timeline of events that have taken place this week:

My discussion forum was taken over by a hacker who replaced all the low-carb threads with ones about marijuana, cocaine, and pornography. The hacker totally disabled my administrative access to the forum as well as to all my moderators. Additionally, this person began posing as other people on the forum, including me, claiming that I didn’t want to talk about low-carb anymore because “we all know you need carbs” and that I’d rather talk about drugs instead.

My PayPal account which had a good amount of money in it was hacked in the amount of $81.93 made payable to a digital video download company called Movielink, LLC. Since I had never even heard of this company, I thought this was one of those fake PayPal “phishing” expeditions that sucker people into giving their username and password to crooks. But when I went to the PayPal site to inquire, I noticed my balance was reduced. I immediately contacted both Movielink and PayPay to report this unauthorized charge and transferred all of the money that was there to my checking account. Around midnight, the Admin of my forum told me it was back up again, but he said we lost about 6 months worth of posts and subscribers.

When I logged in to my e-mail account this morning, I noticed several of the “new” e-mails in my box had been marked as “read” because they were no longer bold. I immediately got on the phone with Charter and changed my password. Additionally, a PayPal debit card was created in my name without my authorization. The $81.93 charge was refunded to my PayPal account. But worse than all of that, the hacker got the forum again (just hours after it came back) and sent the a message to the entire member database at my forum posing as me.

Click here to see this fake message and to find out who I suspect is behind all of this “terrorism.”


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