My Uh-Oh Oopsie Recipe Was A Blessing In Disguise

Filed under: Low-carb Recipes — @ April 22, 2008

When I messed up the Oopsie, I made something even better!

I love experimenting in the kitchen with new ways to spruce up my low-carb lifestyle. It’s one of the things that I enjoy about livin’ la vida low-carb the most–making it interesting by coming up with new recipes and food combinations that suit my sugar-free, low-carb life. When you put a little creativity behind it, there is no limit to what you can come up with.

Just look at the Oopsie phenomenon, for example. Created by Cleochatra from “The Lighter Side Of Low-Carb” blog, this neat little recipe for making a low-carb “bread” replacement using some rather simple low-carb ingredients is a prime example of ingenuity at work. The possibilities for recipes are truly endless with these Oopsies.

So, being the gung ho cook that I am, I finally decided to gather all the ingredients to make the Oopsie for myself to see what all the fuss is about. Following the basic recipe for making an Oopsie and doubling it, I did as instructed…except I made an uh-oh that actually turned into a blessing in disguise. Little did I know just how amazing this uh-oh was gonna turn out to be.

Here’s the recipe that came out of this uh-oh moment:


6 large eggs
2 packets of Splenda
2 dashes of salt
2 pinches of cream of tartar
1 8-ounce box of cream cheese
Cinnamon to taste
Sweetener to taste
Sugar-free pancake syrup
Whipped topping

Click here to see how to make my uh-oh low-carb French Toast recipe that was supposed to be an Oopsie roll.


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