Fried Low-Carb Mashed Cauliflower A Southern Dining Delight

Filed under: Low-carb Recipes — @ May 14, 2008

If you like potato pancakes, then try this cauliflower one instead

I’m a real sucker for Southern comfort food. Call it my roots living in Tennessee, Virginia, and South Carolina for most of my life, but I love delicious foods made in the South. Unfortunately, most of these foods are decidedly high in carbohydrates.

That’s why I have been looking for and working on coming up with low-carb versions of fried chicken, lemon icebox pie, and so many more. Lately I’ve been experimenting with my own version of mashed cauliflower and putting a Southern spin on it by frying it up in a pan like you would potato pancakes.

I’ve had some minor issues with getting the mashed cauliflower to brown like the potato version, but this recipe tastes as good as it looks! ENJOY!


1 head of cauliflower
1/2 stick butter (melted)
6 strips of crumbled bacon
3 Tbs sour cream
1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
Salt and pepper to taste
1 large egg
Cheese (optional topping)
Sour cream (option topping)

Click here for the details about how to make this unique low-carb Southern comfort food delight!


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