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Filed under: Publications — @ May 21, 2008

Jamie is taking her unique writing style to the next level

Move over all you wanna-bes because there’s a new low-carb sheriff in town and she’s getting ready to make some major tidal waves like we haven’t seen before. Okay, maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but at least I have your attention now. If you haven’t heard about Jamie Van Eaton just yet, then pretty soon you will. She’s the brand new columnist at and they’ve given her a bold and exciting feature of her own called “Low-Carb Examiner.”

Jamie, aka Cleochatra from “The Lighter Side Of Low-Carb” blog (which is one of the most hilarious and informative low-carb blogs I’ve ever seen!), has been featured at my blog previously for her low-carb Italian recipes using cauliflower (see #12) and her now world-famous Oopsie rolls recipe which is royally screwed up the first time before FINALLY reaching Oopsie nirvana last week after two failed attempts. And they were so good for that bacon and cheese sandwich. Mmm mmm!

What was I saying (I got distracted by Oopsies because I’m so hungry on the first day of my intermittent fast!)…oh yes, Jamie! Oh my gosh, what an opportunity she has now to reach so many more people with the positive message of livin’ la vida low-carb. This is a golden chance for a real voice of reason to show others that low-carb is so much more than a simple “fad” diet that is only about weight loss. Jamie understands this is about a total lifestyle change that transforms your weight and health to new heights you could never imagine before.

Click here to learn more about this new column for an up-and-coming name in the wonderful world of low-carb.


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