Could Genes Explain Why Some People Eat Too Much Sugar?

Filed under: In The News — @ May 30, 2008

Note from Connie: In a way, this sounds almost preposterous. On the other hand, it rings true in some ways. In fact, this new research may help sugar-lovers everywhere to feel, “See, it’s not my fault. Just blame my genes.”

Uncooperative genes or not, you need tried-and-true techniques to conquer your sugar habit. (I list a bunch in my book SUGAR SHOCK!) But, no matter what, tou’ve gotta read about this fascinating new research now. Thanks to Jennifer for posting this and letting me have some much-needed down time.

People with a certain variation in a gene that helps the body sense blood glucose levels consumed much more sugar every day than those with a different variation of the gene, according to a study published in the journal Physiological Genomics.

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