When Is Having A Total Cholesterol Over 300 Healthy?

Filed under: Health — @ June 1, 2008

Of all the blatant lies we have been told about our health over the years, there is one that sticks out as the most egregious of them all because it has failed to be proven by any reputable science or through human experience. And yet millions upon millions of Americans are currently taking a prescription medication for this condition because that’s what their doctor told them they needed to do to prevent the risk of heart disease. I’m of course referring to the cholesterol hypothesis.

We’ve all heard it throughout our lifetime that you better keep your cholesterol below 200 if you want to keep from having clogged arteries which could lead to a heart attack, stroke, or worse. These warnings have come from well-meaning physicians, dietitians, and other so-called health “experts” who are simply regurgitating what they have been taught in medical school, personal training, and from other sources.

You’ll recall I went to see a low-carb doctor last month about my recent mysterious 30-pound weight gain and he ran my lipid profile numbers for me. When the results came back, they would no doubt be a bit stunning to someone who looks at cholesterol in a traditional way:

Total Cholesterol – 326
Total LDL – 246
Total HDL – 65
Triglycerides – 77
Insulin – 5.8

Click here to find out why having a total cholesterol of over 300 isn’t a big deal for my risk of heart disease and how my cholesterol is actually PROTECTIVE against me having a cardiovascular event.


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