‘World’s Fattest Man’ Manuel Uribe Turns 43 With Hope For A Future

Filed under: In The News — @ June 12, 2008

Manuel Uribe turned 43 on June 11 with a special birthday wish

The extraordinary low-carb weight loss success story of a former 1200+ pound man from Monterrey, Mexico named Manuel Uribe, aka “The World’s Fattest Man” according to the 2008 Guinness Book Of World Records, continues to inspire literally millions upon millions of people around the world who struggle with obesity and feel like it is next to impossible for them to shed the pounds without going to great extremes. But “Meme,” as Manuel is affectionately referred to by his friends and family, is proving it CAN be done and, more importantly, without the use of any surgery, diet pills, or other dangerous methods.

So far, Manuel has lost a grand total of 518 pounds in just 27 months by following the lower-carb nutritional plan created by Dr. Barry Sears called The Zone Diet. At 717 pounds, he still has a long road ahead of him in the coming years to get down to some semblance of a “normal” weight. But none of that would have even been a remote possibility had he not found his answer in livin’ la vida low-carb. And the great part about it is Manuel is absolutely LOVING his low-carb lifestyle and sharing with others about how it is radically changing his life for the better.

Click here for an update on Manuel Uribe’s story, including specifically what he is eating and doing for exercise, how he celebrated his 43rd birthday this week, and what his biggest hope and dream is through this weight loss experience.


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