A 4th Of July Low-Carb News Celebration

Filed under: In The News — @ July 3, 2008

Before you celebrate the 4th of July, here’s a low-carb update

It’s almost time for the fireworks, backyard barbecues, vacations, and all the rest that comes with the extended Fourth of July weekend in celebration of our nation’s independence. I am proud to be an American and appreciate all the freedoms and opportunities that this nation affords me as a citizen. While a lot has been said over the past few years about this great country I call “home,” there’s no denying the United States is and will always be the greatest socio-political experiment in the history of the world. God bless America now and forevermore!

Before you get caught up in all the busy activities of the holiday, I wanted to share a few low-carb headlines with you that have been in the news lately. It simply amazes me how a way of eating that has been so incredibly maligned and dragged through the mud like livin’ la vida low-carb can somehow still be talked about so much in the media. Albeit it’s not always in a positive light, but they can’t help bringing it up. Maybe deep down inside they realize there is more to low-carb than they’re letting on.

Click here to see what’s going on in the world of low-carb right now heading into the 4th of July weekend.


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