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Support the effort to fight cancer with “Relay For Life”

Cancer more than any other disease has ripped through families, communities, churches, organizations, and cities all across America like no other disease I know. Just two weeks ago, endometrial cancer took the wife of national radio talk show host Mike Gallagher after months of battling it with chemotherapy and just one year ago my friend and former minister of music Steve Dyar went home to be with the Lord after esophageal cancer overtook his body.

This disease more than any other delivers a slow painful death and researchers are working around the clock trying to find a cure for it. I’m happy to report that progress is being made using a high-fat, low-carb diet in Germany to help cancer patients who have not responded to traditional chemotherapy treatments with GREAT success so far. We’ve seen remarkable results with low-carb being used in people suffering from brain cancer, pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer, so I’m hopeful for the future that more natural solutions like this will be further explored by the up-and-coming medical researchers and students today. It’s truly amazing when you see how well cancer is subdued by implementing a low-carb attack strategy.

In the meantime as we wait for scientific research to produce the miracle we’ve all been looking for regarding cancer, we must mourn the loss of those we love, celebrate their lives for the amazing people they were, remember and cherish the memories we have of the time we were blessed to spend with them, and then fight back by making every effort to give of our time and resources to bring the answer to cancer sooner rather than later. That’s why I’m so happy to share with you about an event one of my readers is participating in called “Relay For Life” put on in communities all across the United States annually by the American Cancer Society.

There’s a man at my church who is the head of the American Cancer Society in South Carolina and he attends about 40 of these held in high school and college football stadiums all across the state each year. It’s a beautiful scene watching thousands of people all coming out on a Friday night to celebrate, remember, and fight back. People have raised money from within their sphere of influence and then commit to walking the track for most of the night honoring the lives of those who cancer has taken from us.

In fact, a few years ago I was cajoled into participating in a midnight “womanless beauty revue” (before I lost my weight) and I wore a big dress, makeup, hairspray–THE WORKS! I was a pretty cute girl even if I do say so myself (and no, I don’t have any pictures…not that I’d post ‘em for you if I did!). I sang “I’m So Excited” by The Pointer Sisters as my “talent” and it went over well–especially when I rolled my belly for them (it’s a long story and I was up WAY past my bedtime!).

acin.jpg Anywho, the point is you have a great time at these events and I’m so pleased to be sharing with you about Jeff Gould’s “Relay For Life” fundraiser and I urge you to donate whatever you can to help with this very worthy cause. Even if all you can give is a couple of bucks, I know Jeff would appreciate it in memory of his beloved Nana and Papa who were snatched from him because of cancer. And it can happen all so suddenly–diagnosis, treatment, suffering, and then death. Anyone who has watched this unfold right before their very eyes will tell you how devastating it is because you are so helpless to do anything about what is almost an inevitable fate.

If you’d like to help Jeff raise money for his “Relay For Life” event, then simply click here to make a secure donation with a credit card. I just made my donation and encourage you to help make a difference by doing the same. THANK YOU! :)


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