Are Twizzlers A Health Food Because They’re Low-Fat?

Filed under: Health — @ August 9, 2008

They sell a 4-pound TUB of Twizzlers now–”a low-fat snack!”

Once upon a time in a life that seems so very long ago when I was completely out of my mind thinking the recommended high-carb, low-fat diet was gonna do anything good in regards to my weight and health, I relished the thought of finding foods that were labeled “low-fat” or “fat-free” thinking that somehow these things were healthy for me. I’d proudly turn to the nutritional information label on the back of a product and zoom right in to only one bit of information on that packaging–the fat grams. If it was 1g or less fat per serving, then I bought it and ate whatever it was with pride that I was making a healthier choice that would help me lose weight.

What a dope I was to ever believe the low-fat diet was right for me!

But like most Americans, when all you’ve ever heard your entire life is to cut the fat, cut the fat, and oh by the way, cut the fat, the insatiable pull this message can play on your psyche is virtually impossible to overcome. That’s what happened to me especially in 1999 when I lost 170 pounds eating a high-carb, low-fat diet. Yes, that’s right! I was very successful eating a diet low in total fat and high in carbohydrates. Well, that is if you define “success” merely in pounds lost.

Unfortunately, that way of eating may have led to weight loss, but I didn’t feel right eating that way. It just seemed so unnatural eating fat-free this and low-fat that. I was constantly hungry because I thought that’s the way you are supposed to live eating healthy. Can anybody relate? Plus, this hunger along with an intense feeling of deprivation having to settle for rice cakes, fat-free cheese, and skim milk made me irritable, angry at the world, and thoroughly disgusted with life. It was a sad, yet very predictable and all-too-common state of affairs that I’d been through before.

The only saving grace for me at the time were all of the great fat-free and low-fat products that were at my disposal. While the marshmallow-based circus peanuts and Jelly Belly jelly beans were two low-fat snacks I LOVED to consume on my low-fat diet, there was one that beat them all–TWIZZLERS. Yep, the red twist licorice was a staple in my low-fat dieting days. I could literally eat a whole bag and wouldn’t think twice about it–after all, it was low-fat ya know!

Click here to see why these “healthy” Twizzlers aren’t so good for you after all and how their low-fat status is merely luring people into making bad choices for their diet.


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