20 New Low-Carb Blogs And 10 Hot Low-Carb YouTube Channels

Filed under: Publications — @ September 2, 2008

Hey everybody! These past two weeks have been one big, long blur for me being away in Nashville, Tennessee at Isabeau Miller’s FitCamp (see all my videos from this glorious experience by clicking here). I’ll be sharing some follow-up comments and lessons I learned during FitCamp real soon, but now it’s time to get back to the business of sharing about healthy low-carb living. THANK YOU for indulging me these past couple of weeks. You guys are the best!

As my regular readers know, I moved my blog from Blogger where I was for over three years to WordPress early last month for a couple of weeks before landing at LivinLaVidaLowCarb.com/Blog as my final destination. I appreciate all of you who have followed me to my new home on the Internet, but I need your help to tell the others who haven’t found it yet. If you have a blog and you link to my blog, please update your link to the new address for me. That would help immensely! I’ve received about 100 e-mails in the past week from people wondering why I have stopped blogging. I haven’t, just moved to a better place. :D

And while I’ve been away, a bunch more new low-carb blogs and YouTubers have been birthed and I’m so happy to share these with you today. Some of these are VERY, VERY good and I highly recommend you check them out, bookmark ‘em, leave some comments at their blogs, and bask in the glory that livin’ la vida low-carb is still alive and kickin’ deep into the year 2008! WOO HOO! Rock on, baby! ENJOY these and keep reading as I try to get caught up on my blogging in the coming days.

Click here to access these 20 new blogs and 10 hot YouTube channels dedicated to healthy low-carb living!


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