Let’s Rally Around Dr. Mary C. Vernon For The 2008 Diabetes Educator Of The Year Award

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Help nominate a low-carb doctor for the 2008 Diabetes Educator of the Year

It’s that time again for nominations for Diabetes Educator of the Year for 2008 and last year was a close one. I promoted and encouraged my readers to vote for Dr. Mary C. Vernon for the incredible work she is doing in Kansas educating not just her diabetic patients about the tremendous health benefits of livin’ la vida low-carb, but also reaching out to her fellow physicians across the United States explaining to them why carbohydrate restriction is effective especially for people with Type 2 diabetes. She was more than qualified to be awarded this prestigious distinction in 2007, but fell just a few votes short of eventual winner Dr. Barbara J. Odom.

Sponsored by American Diabetes Wholesale, this sophomore edition of the Diabetes Educator of the Year award should be great news for people who support low-carb living for people with diabetes. You are certainly free to vote for whomever you wish, but we really should try to all rally around one candidate and I believe that candidate should be Dr. Mary C. Vernon.

I recently had Dr. Vernon on my podcast show for a full-hour answering YOUR questions about a wide variety of topics related to diet and health and she is arguably one of the most articulate and knowledgeable experts on the subject of the low-carb dietary approach and diabetes today. Need some compelling proof of this claim? Just check out this fantastic video from DiabetesNewsstand.com featuring Dr. Vernon speaking so passionately and intelligently about this subject that is near and dear to her heart earlier this year. This is one of the most incredible presentations you will ever hear about the Vernon philosophy regarding low-carb diets and diabetes control.

Here’s the official nomination I sent in to American Diabetes Wholesale this weekend:

As the runner-up in the 2007 Diabetes Educator of the Year contest conducted by American Diabetes Wholesale, I think it is only fitting that Dr. Mary C. Vernon from Lawrence, Kansas be nominated yet again for the fine work she is doing helping diabetes patients at the Women’s and Family Care facility she practices out of. The blood sugar and insulin levels of her patients are being kept in check without the use of more and more medications, but rather through a comprehensive overhaul of the diet to include less and less carbohydrates in favor of more fat to not only control their disease but actually reverse the impact of it on their lives as if they don’t have diabetes at all!

Additionally, Dr. Vernon is one of the leading experts in the world on the use of low-carbohydrate diets to improve health and she often is called upon by her colleagues across the nation to provide guidance on implementing such strategies with other doctors interested in attaining the kind of improvements she is seeing. There’s no questioning the results Dr. Vernon is able to attain in her patients because they speak for themselves. That’s why she is so deserving of the title of 2008 Diabetes Educator of the Year.

CLICK HERE to find out how YOU can nominate Dr. Vernon or anyone else in the low-carb diabetic community for the prestigious distinction of Diabetes Educator of the Year in 2008.


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