UN’s Dr. Rajendra Pachauri: Give Up Meat Consumption To Save The Planet

Filed under: In The News — @ September 8, 2008

UN Climate Change chair Dr. Rajendra Pachauri says no more meat for you!

It was mildly amusing last year when I blogged about Dr. Dean Ornish’s PETA-based front group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) pointing the finger at meat eating as a reason for global warming. In fact, several op-ed pieces have been written by PCRM members in various publications putting forth this ridiculous notion that the reason the planet is supposedly getting hotter (the jury is still WAY out on that one!) is because people are eating meat.

But now the “meat is bad for the climate” talking point has spread into a mainstream group that can have an impact on global public policy–the United Nations! Dum dum dummmmmmm! The head of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is recommending people around the world give up meat for one day or even more each week if they truly care about making a “personal and effective sacrifice that would help tackle climate change.”

OH BROTHER! Click here to read the shifty reasoning behind why UN Climate Change chair Dr. Rajendra Pachauri (who is a vegetarian, by the way!) thinks the world would cool down if people would just stop eating meat. Will these radical voices of idiocy ever end their madness?


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