Jimmy Moore Now Featured As Low-Carb Examiner At Examiner.com

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Jimmy Moore is now a Low-Carb Examiner at Examiner.com

Well, we’re taking the message of “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” outside the walls of this here blog yet again for another venture into unchartered territory. This time my writings will be showing up on an up-and-coming an online media news source which could be likened as a cross between Slate.com, About.com and Rolling Stone Magazine called Examiner.com. It features respected columnists who regularly appear on television, radio, and in other media outlets.

You’ll recall back in May 2008 I told you about Jamie Van Eaton (aka “Cleochatra”) getting a cool writing gig with them and several other prominent names in the low-carb blogosphere have subsequently followed suit–Amy Dungan, Regina Wilshire, Carol Bardelli, and Linda Duffy.

Last week I received a request from my friend Amy Dungan from the “Healthy Low-Carb Living” blog and columnist at Examiner.com and she suggested I apply to begin writing for them to bring my positive message of low-carb living to a new audience of readers who may not have ever heard of me or my blog before. I went through the process of filling out the application, got set up with an account, given access to post columns, and started filling up my new Low-Carb Examiner page over the weekend with lots of information (including this introductory post about who I am). I invite you to go check it out and spread the word about this new web site featuring so many low-carbers! WOO HOO! This was quite an honor to be selected amongst such high-quality, professional writers and I am overjoyed at the opportunity and I want to personally thank Amy for suggesting my name to the staff at Examiner.com. You are the very best, Amy! :)

You’ll notice the columns at Examiner.com are much shorter than what you would see at my blog. They like for their columnists to keep the posts there pithy, to the point, and on topic. If you like shorter snippets of information you can use, then you’ll want to come back to this page early and often. You can sign up for the RSS feed of my new posts there or use the direct link anytime you want to see what’s new.

Once there, you can also click on the “Subscribe” link to have the new columns e-mailed directly to you when they are posted and you can even use the “Share This” feature to post a link to my columns at Facebook, MySpace, or even at your own blog! Cool stuff, huh? I told you this was a snazzy new web site.

I’m open to your comments about what you would like to see at my Low-Carb Examiner page, so let me hear from you at livinlowcarbman@charter.net. THANKS for supporting all of the new projects I take on to continue sharing about the healthy benefits of low-carb living with new audiences. You make everything I do worth all the hours upon hours I invest in this each day.


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